If you’re one of those people that enjoy everyone else’s Christmas flowers each year but forgot to get your own, now is the time to start planning and choosing the perfect arrangements for the holiday season. Nothing makes a celebration more enjoyable than great food, company and a pleasant aroma of fresh flowers on the table. Flowers and plants add the extra beauty and charm to the Christmas festivities you remember as a child. Even when there’s no snow on the ground, a florist can create beautiful snowmen and snowballs out of carnations for that festive feeling.

If a home uses an artificial or real Christmas tree, a florist can choose a variety of fresh flowers in water tubes or dried flowers to increase the beauty of a tree. Christmas flower arrangements today can set the mood in a room. Festively wrapped boxes with beautiful bows and flowers can be used on a mantle or table for added decoration. Poinsettias are a popular Christmas flower, but there’s no need to show the plastic pot they’re normally in. The florist can wrap the pots of poinsettias or other holiday flowers to add to the festive appearance of a home or office.

Now is a great time to order flowers for Christmas. When someone’s interested in lighting up with their holidays with candles, a florist can help design the walkway with votive candles in luminaries that lead to the front door. Scented candles with fresh blossoms can be put in each powder room. Larger display areas during an open house will offer maximum impact for family and friends. A foyer, serving areas, windows and staircases are a great place to show someone’s holiday spirit. During the holidays being invited to festivities can leave someone unsure what to take to thank the host. A floral arrangement or centerpiece is one of the best ways to say thank you to someone who hosted the event.

Do you have a loved one or best friend who you’d like to surprise for the holidays? A beautiful wreath for their entryway door will brighten their day. If you want them to enjoy the gift of their home, beautiful swags can be created from fresh greens by a florist. Companies can increase the holiday spirit of their business by giving each employee a beautiful coffee cup filled with fresh flowers. There’s always flower delivery in Houston, so there’s no need to worry about the flowers not being delivered on time and in the best condition possible.